Data analysis software is used to draw meaningful conclusions from large texts and numbers. These platforms are in addition to standard business intelligence tools and data visualization, are designed to process huge data sets quickly. This means that there is no need for complicated formulas or manual data code.

The best data analysis software will provide clear visualizations that aid you in understanding your data and text in greater detail. Certain programs provide interactive tools for exploration that aid you in identifying patterns and trends within your data. These include heat maps, that use colors to represent values, and time-motion views which show changes in data over time.

Additionally, you can use tools to analyze unstructured data, identify relationships, patterns and sentiment. Text mining software and qualitative data analysis are two of the tools available. QDA is used to translate audio and video, arranging coded information into themes and categories and creating graphical and text reports. Text mining tools can help you identify patterns and relationships within large volumes of unstructured text, such as social media posts, chat conversations or emails.

The right data analytics software will allow you to collect relevant and accurate data that can be utilized in the process of solving problems. Look for a tool with powerful artificial intelligence that can assist in your analysis by identifying anomalies and alerting you as soon as certain thresholds are reached.