Hey friends! You might think legal stuff is boring, but there are actually some pretty interesting topics out there that we should know about. Check out these offbeat legal topics that might surprise you!

Laws of Inheritance Do you know what are the laws of inheritance? It’s important to understand your legal rights and the rules when it comes to inheriting property or assets.
Partnership Agreement Thinking of starting a business with a friend? Make sure you know about partnership agreements and the legal requirements involved in New Zealand.
Legal Fees for Corporation Tax Are legal fees allowable for corporation tax? It’s always good to seek expert advice when dealing with corporate taxes.
California Gift Card Law Did you know there’s a California gift card law for cards under $10? It’s important to understand the regulations around gift cards.
Legal Assistant Jobs Ever considered a career as a legal assistant? There are plenty of opportunities in Boston!
In-Text Legal Citation When writing papers, understanding in-text legal citation with the Bluebook is a must for academic integrity.
Service Level Agreement Looking to create a report? Check out this service level agreement report template for free!
Real Estate Agreement Thinking of buying property? Make sure to understand the legal steps and requirements for a real estate agreement.
Court of Law Word Search Test your legal vocabulary with this fun court of law word search game!
Company Limited vs. Limited Curious about the differences between company limited and limited legal entities? It’s important to know the distinctions!

Who knew legal topics could be so interesting? It’s important for us to be aware of these unusual legal subjects as we navigate through life. Stay informed, and you’ll be better prepared for whatever comes your way!