Once upon a time in a busy legal office, the crayons gathered together and decided they’d had enough! They were tired of being used for various legal documents and cases and decided to go on strike. Let’s see what each crayon had to say about their experience with the legal world.

Crayon Complaint
Red „I’m exhausted from being used in all these epic legal services. I need a break!”
Purple „I’m tired of being the go-to color for the Crimson Legal Group. Can’t I get some variety?”
Blue „I’ve been overworked with all these high court decisions in the UK. I need a vacation!”
Green „I’m tired of being used for online leave and license agreement registrations. Can’t I just enjoy some leisure time?”
Black „I can’t take the stress of being involved in all these work from home agreements. It’s time for a change!”
Yellow „I’m sick of dealing with the blackmail law in the Philippines. I need a break from all this pressure!”
Orange „I’ve had enough of the legal drama. It’s time for some sessions legal in Newcastle to help relieve my stress.”
White „I need a break from all this legal action. Maybe some Alexandria law enforcement skills training will help me relax.”
Brown „I’ve been overworked with all this law commerce. It’s time for me to take a break.”
Gray „I need to know, how can a landlord break a tenancy agreement when I’m feeling so overworked?”

And so, the crayons went on strike, hoping their legal users would realize the toll it was taking on them. Perhaps it was time for the legal world to find new colors to represent their services and cases.