About Board Portal

A major function of a portal for boards is to make information accessible at all times and to ensure that it is easy for directors to comprehend what they are looking at. Look for products that allow board members to work on their work and attend meetings anywhere with an internet-connected device. internet. Take a look at the devices that your directors use for their day-to-day activities, and explore how easy it will be to set up on these devices.

Getting onboard with a new system requires more than just the right features – ease of use is a major factor in whether or not the portal will be embraced and utilized. Consider asking potential providers about their onboarding process that includes one-onone tech training tailored to the preferences of directors and administrators on boards. Check if the provider offers an application that is able to be used without wifi to access materials for board members.

The right tools will help your board to operate at its peak, remain in control of your organization and ensure that governance best practices are adhered to. Board portals are more efficient than https://boardabout.com/recruit-nonprofit-board-members-with-purpose-and-process/ email and paper and can be relied upon as an all-in-one source of information. They improve and maintain the cornerstones for good governance, including meeting schedules, attendance and a central location for notes and documents.